PMKENNEDY AND ASSOCIATES, LLC has educational consultants with substantial experience in public and private sector grants management and program evaluation. 

While we are open to the review and evaluation of any grant project or management entity, we are partial to minority serving higher educational institutions with grant programs authorized by Title III or V of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended.  These are generally multi-year grants designed to develop or enhance the institution's academic programs, student services, and institutional or financial management.

We believe that a formative evaluation is needed in the first year of the multi-year grant project to assure that the grant goals and objectives are aligned with applicable institutional outcome databases. We use a logic model that aligns performance measures in the grant with the Institution's strategic plan and the legislative focus areas of the grant so that the outcomes can be readily tracked to improve reporting capacity. Our summative evaluations will include an overall assessment of performance, outcomes, compliance and documented results.

Contact us to discuss your needs. If we can help, we will submit a proposal outlinig our action plan and cost factors. The initial consultation is free. We will make every effort to accommodate your timelines.