PMKENNEDY AND ASSOCIATES, LLC is a results-oriented management consulting company. The owner, Ms. Phyllis M. Kennedy, is a retired educational administrator who spent over 35 working working at higher education institutions managing federal grant programs authorized by Title III of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended. Ms. Kennedy's educatonal pursuits took her through completion of courseswork required to receive a PhD degree in business administration (all but dissertation).  

Over the course of her career, Ms. Kennedy managed several multi-year, Title III Grant programs assuring compliance and preparing progress reports. During this time, Ms. Kennedy designed an evaluation process to improve the reporting capacity of grant personnel. She subsequently designed and supervised implementation of a databased Project Management and Evaluation System used by over 30 department administrators.  Ms. Kennedy also worked with other Title III Administrators to organize and establish a national organization to provide management training for new and experienced Title III Administrators. Ms. Kennedy was instrumental in directing an Assessment and Evaluation Committee that analyzed the grantor's reporting instrument and developed recommendations for a revised instrument to improve reporting capacity at the grantor and grantee levels.     

In addition, Ms. Kennedy has spent over 20 years working with non-profit community organizations with missions to help minority youth.  During this time, Ms. Kennedy participated in the design and execution of several fund raising projects that increased the number and amount of scholarships available for qualifying youth. Ms. Kennedy has worked in various capacities assisting individuals and organizations, e.g., identifying grant-related resources, writing grant applications, conducting management reviews, developing websites and organizing family and alumni-based reunions.