PMKENNEDY AND ASSOCIATES, LLC  is sincerely interested in the growth and development of minority youth. In this respect, we will share information that we find relevant to non-profit organizations and educational institutions with a mission to help these populations. We also consider working directly with organizations to prepare letters of intent or grant applications. Join our mailing list and contact us to discuss your needs and timelines. If we think we can help, we will prepare a proposal for your consideration. If not, we may point you in another direction to identify other resources. Sometimes, we find grant announcements that we will highlight on this website. 

We have heard several high school students talk about the lack of direction when preparing for college. The "To Do" list below is designed to provide some general guidance. 

"To Do" List for High School Students

1) Freshman Year: 9th grade 
  • Meet your high school counselors
  • Decide which track you want to pursue: college prep or vocational education
  • Form good study habits. Keep a Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) of at least 2.5  

2) Sophomore Year: 10th Grade
  • Take the ACT and SAT college admission exams.  
  • Start looking at colleges and their requirements. 
  • Volunteer for community service, which is generally a criteria for scholarship grants.  
  • Get involved in extra-curricular activities--band, sports, clubs, etc. 
3) Junior Year: 11th grade
  • Take the ACT and ACT (for higher scores or for first time)
  • Take Assessment Tests to discern or confirm your career interests. 
  • Attend college fairs and visit college campuses if possible
  • Get GPA up to 3.0 or better
  • Meet with School Counselors to assure that you are on track for your senior year.
  • Save your money for senior fees and pictures
4) Senior Year: 12th grade
  • Enjoy your last year with your friends
  • Select colleges with programs in your area of interest
  • Obtain teacher recommendations from at least three teachers/faculty and make copies for more than one school (Admissions Package) or scholarship application
  • Apply for scholarships! Look everywhere as almost every company has a scholarship program. 
  • File for FASFA (financial aid) in January or February
  • Complete at least three College Admissions Applications.  Some Colleges will waive the admissions fee.
  • Ask questions!