PMKENNEDY AND ASSOCIATES, LLC has developed a variety of websites for family reunions, non-profits, churches and fundraising ventures. We have veted a variety of domain hosting sites and concluded that MY EVENT.COM is cost effective and easy to use. Anyone interested in website design services should contact us to discuss your needs. The initial consultation is free. If we can help, we will prepare a proposal to show our fee based services.


Reasons for starting a website . . . 
  • want to sell products on-line
  • want to start or enhance a business website
  • want to start or enhance a non-profit organization
  • want to conduct an on-line fund-raising campaign 
  • want to showcase . . . 
    • a wedding
    • a high school or college graduation
    • an anniversary
    • a special occasion or event
  • want to set up an education fund for a new baby
  • want to organize a class or family reunion
  • want to develop a church website 

Any Event Website